Amplify your application maturity through proven processes and resources
The increasing complexities and volatility of the business environment have redefined the concept of Application Management Services (AMS). Today, AMS is expected to deliver value far beyond back-office support; it should enable business transformation through enhanced speed and efficiency, cost predictability, and continuous visibility and monitoring of operations. With a holistic AMS portfolio, JAAZ Technologies offers flexible, scalable, adaptive and customized services to drive performance and business value throughout a customer’s IT environment.
JAAZ Tech’s AMS portfolio covers the full lifecycle of technology services from the transition to transformation to derive optimum business value and get the best out of your IT investments. Through our flexible delivery models, industry best practices and highly experienced AMS resources, we design and road map a customized model suited to meet your business objectives effortlessly. JAAZ also collaborates with you through our specialized Center of Excellence to identify, define and address your evolving service delivery needs.
JAAZ can provide flexible delivery models with the right mix of onsite, offsite and offshore teams to meet your business needs:
  • Virtual Captive Unit
  • Managed Support Services
  • Offshore Development
  • Shared Services




Simplify your IT landscape with robust and reliable infrastructure management solutions

IT environments have grown exponentially and overly complicated and heterogeneous amidst mounting compliance measures. In the changing market and business ecosystem, flexible, scalable, secure and responsive infrastructure is a top priority for enterprises.

Outsourcing Infrastructure Management to a reliable and proven technology partner can drive enterprise efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and compliance control. JAAZ Technologies extends a complete, end-to-end spectrum of services that leverages next-generation platforms such as cloud computing and virtualization. Our Infrastructure Management and outsourcing services help customers reduce costs, accelerate time-to-market, enhance operational efficiencies and simplify IT management.

We have a robust set of service offerings managed by a comprehensive enterprise management framework and made available through a flexible engagement model. Our ITIL/ITSM compliant processes, investments in talent tool and management platforms, and global footprint enable high quality, secure delivery on a 24 x 7 basis. Gain a competitive advantage with comprehensive Infrastructure Management Services

IT Service Desk – Offered onsite or offsite, JAAZ offers 24x7x365 availability and provides complete ticket management based on SLA contracts. Our focus is on service improvement and cost reduction over time

End-User Support – Fully managed deskside support that covers your entire technology environment from remote deskside support, patch management, to software distribution and provisioning

Enterprise Systems and Network Management – Complete infrastructure and application monitoring to support your IT enterprise by engineering a holistic approach for networks, systems, storage, applications, and security

Data Center Consolidation – Consolidation and upgrade of legacy infrastructure and its integration with newer technologies such as cloud, mobile, and web services reduce not only your capital expenses but also operational expenses through automation. JAAZ provides a broad data center solution and optimizes our resources to drive operating efficiencies. Also, virtualization helps you reduce capital expenses through server consolidation and improve operating expenses through automation while minimizing lost revenue by reducing both planned and unplanned downtime

Database Services – Comprehensive and proactive support for all your database management needs including design, capacity planning, installation, upgrades, and recovery.

Project Management and Governance – With certified professionals and proven methodologies, JAAZ is capable of overseeing projects and meeting the customer’s needs throughout complex engagements.

Cloud Hosting – As an Amazon Channel Reseller, we are equipped with resources, experience, and certifications to help you migrate your infrastructure to the cloud. Our Application Hosting Management Services offers a secure, flexible and cost-effective process to monitor and manage your applications and data on-demand.




Boost efficiency and quality with reliable testing and quality assurance services


The constant technology growth is prompting organizations not only to adopt new technologies more rapidly, but also reconsider their approach towards testing and quality assurance for faster and more efficient go-to-market, seamless customer experience, and enhanced profitability. Companies with in-house testing teams often compromise on application quality due to the challenges of having the right skill set, lack of continuous improvements in their approach, and speed of technology adaptation.

Rely on a specialist like JAAZ Technologies for end-to-end Quality Assurance (QA) and testing services. With our proven and rigorous testing approach and robust infrastructure services, we ensure the highest standards are met to enable your organization keep pace with the latest technology trends while reducing testing cycle times and lowering capital expenditure.

With a multi-dimensional testing Center of Excellence, JAAZ has the perfect blend of expertise and domain knowledge to offer the best of breed testing solutions. JAAZ’s testing portfolio includes manual and tests automation solutions for conventional and next-generation technologies spanning across various industry segments. A complete solution suite is covered under Yash testing services:

A complete solution suite is covered under JAAZ testing services:

  • Consulting
  • Automation & tools
  • Performance engineering: Performance testing, benchmarking & tuning.
  • Enterprise application services: SAP testing services, SAP CoE setup, SAP solution accelerators, SAP performance engineering services, Oracle testing services, Oracle testing solutions, SIEBEL CRM testing services, and SIEBEL testing solutions.
  • Core testing services: Function black box testing, regression testing, system & integration testing, user acceptance testing, automation testing, performance testing, software testing and risk-based testing.
  • Testing CoE (TCoE): JAAZ Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) solution is a robust framework that enables companies to establish robust quality processes. TCoE delivers proven results by helping companies optimize application quality and performance, improve alignment between business and IT, increase QA efficiency and do more with their existing QA budgets, tools, environments and people.


Help your business quickly adapt to the changing market and increase productivity and performance

JAAZ is an infra ready apps partner and apps ready infra partner. Leveraging our highly regarded applications and infrastructure services portfolio and our customer-centric engagement models, we are one of the premium Managed Service providers globally. Our reputation as a managed services provider rests on our ability to anticipate and manage change in both technology and business practices while delivering tangible and measurable benefits. We are uniquely positioned to drive cost optimization, efficiencies, and innovative IT operations.

By restructuring the operating model and enhancing business agility, JAAZ helps drive competitiveness. We approach each customer engagement “uniquely” to ensure that we develop and deliver tailored services based on specific business needs. Our key differentiators lie in our flexibility, responsiveness, and knowledge based managed services delivery.

As one of the largest packaged (SAP, Oracle & Microsoft) application service providers and a leading Infra services globally, JAAZ combines the experience gained over 20+ years with market-leading tools, accelerators & frameworks to provide business-aligned services across the IT Landscape of our customers.



Create an agile, adaptive and future-proof IT foundation for your enterprise

The term legacy no longer refers to applications running on mainframe environments, but any application that prevents business process change. With the high velocity of technology evolution, today’s cutting-edge solutions become outdated sooner. Outdated legacy environments impede business growth, pose enormous costs for maintenance and hinder the ability to bring on the right skillsets due to continually changing regulatory requirements. YASH Technologies helps you build a lean, robust and future-forward IT asset portfolio designed to improve the agility of existing applications, reduce IT operating costs and produce tangible business outcomes.

Rediscover flexibility, stability, and innovation across your enterprise
With years of experience in modernization, JAAZ ensures better alignment of your application and IT infrastructure landscape to your business needs for improved agility.

The comprehensive suite of modernization solutions offered by JAAZ includes:

Application Portfolio Rationalization and Management (APRM): Our best-in-class APRM solution suite helps you derive greater value from your application portfolios through a disciplined and systematic approach to strategic portfolio management and transformation.

Infrastructure Modernization: JAAZ empowers you to reduce dependencies on legacy applications and upgrade your infrastructure to use the latest technologies such as the Cloud, laying a foundation for a simplified service model.

Application modernization

Legacy software applications are a source of frustration with poor user experience, high maintenance costs, and costly new feature development. The user also expects an integrated experience, which is difficult to achieve with legacy platforms not designed for cloud and mobile experience. With a modernization initiative, an enterprise can achieve the following benefits:

Take advantage of new IT architectures
Cloud computing
Service-oriented architecture
Mobile support


GICs are becoming an essential element of the organization’s overall IT strategy

Organizations are seeking to drive a judicious balance between outsourcing and insourcing, keeping business value as their principal driver. Global In-house Centres were conceptualised and initiated to enable organizations to foster global talent expansion and cost leverage while ensuring control and governance. GICs have been evolving rapidly in the last couple of years and have metamorphosed to innovation hubs. Modern centers are progressively focusing on high-value activities such as IP-creation, advanced analytics, building competencies around emerging technologies, setting up the center of excellence among others. As a result, GICs are becoming an essential element of the organization’s overall IT strategy.

During the nascent stage of ideation, India was chosen by organizations as a preferred destination because of low operational costs. Parameters such as availability of quality talent, low operating costs, low-risk profile, adequate infrastructure, etc. have been acting as catalysts. However, cost arbitrage is a thing of past, and Indian GICs have now evolved into Centres of Excellence. With global organizations marching towards digital transformation, India based GICs are increasingly helping drive this initiative.

JAAZ has a wealth of experience in helping establish and operationalize GICs in India. JAAZ has a well-regarded framework for helping incorporate a new GIC for an organization. Harnessing the in-depth expertise in strategizing, architecting and operating services delivery centers and flexible engagement models – Build Operate & Transfer (BOT), Joint Venture or a dedicated center – JAAZ enables a GIC to start operations quickly.

We work with a network of partners and alliances in specific areas who in turn can engage with us under particular requirements and aspirations of our customers.




Maximize operational excellence and drive growth

With increasing business complexities, changing regulations, and evolving disruptive technologies, organizations need to be able to drive innovation to retain and sharpen their competitive edge. Agile best-in-class solutions that fuel thought leadership, operational excellence, and high business impact are top of mind demands for most enterprises. JAAZ Technologies is a strategic outsourcing partner that can help you get on the innovation fast-track and transform operations for maximum positive business impact.

Maximize operational excellence and drive growth

IT outsourcing has evolved from providing lower cost contract resources to assist in a non-core competency area to a partnership model that fosters innovation and shares risks and rewards to enable real business transformation. As a prominent strategic outsourcing provider, JAAZ Technologies can help you chart your growth story with our best-in-class, end-to-end solutions and collaborative approach. The four pillars of our strategic outsourcing services are innovation,business transformation, operational excellence, and positive balance sheet impact. Once the outsourcing relationship is underway, the organization benefits in several primary ways:

The quality of the outsourced process is dramatically upgraded, improving productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.
Valuable staffing, technological and financial resources are refocused on mission-critical core competencies that are dedicated to generating a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
The trimmed-down organization is much more agile, which enables it to respond more quickly to changing internal and external conditions. Also, these benefits can be achieved regardless of whether the outsourcing solution is designed for the entire enterprise or a smaller-scale implementation.



Scalable, flexible and innovative product development solutions to intricate business requirements

With ever-changing market dynamics, innovative ISVs need dynamic, scalable and innovative product portfolio. Being able to offer highly differentiated business solutions that need of its customer base while expanding into newer niches, continues to remain the overarching objective. Given the rapid evolution of the cloud, mobility, advanced analytics on the one hand and smart development technologies on the other, it is imperative that ISVs foster an environment of innovation and quick response to market needs. JAAZ Technologies, as a full-lifecycle product development services provider, has a rich legacy of collaborating with leading ISVs to support their complex requirements while driving disruptive innovation.

Get expert insight into your product’s design

Our dedicated Product Development Centre of Excellence (OPD-CoE) offers scalable, flexible and innovative product development solutions to intricate business requirements. Our SMEs amalgamate domain experience, technical expertise, and matured frameworks to help build out-of-the-box products. JAAZ has enabled organizations to outperform the competition and generate new revenue streams by developing and enhancing the next generation of product development. We provide our customers value in the product development by

Improve time-to-market – Rapidly ramping up development teams by bringing prebuilt assets to engagements to cut development times.
Innovate – Act as strategic partners, proactively bringing business and technological innovation to engagements.
Bring new technology capabilities to engagements – Staying one step ahead of the latest developments in technology.




Rapid advances in technology have emphasized the need to understand the complexities of the IT environment and ensure that the technology is in line with your business objectives. Integrating multiple IT systems that cater to different functions, departments, and stages in product lifecycles have been a significant challenge facing organizations today on their path to growth.

Organizations are now looking at adopting technology-driven business models to derive a competitive advantage. The need to achieve operational excellence irrespective of the organization’s size while maximizing efficiency to enable technology-enabled business transformation is paramount to avoid confusion, inefficiency, and decreased productivity due to multiple IT systems.

Drive intelligent business decisions with seamless interconnectivity

JAAZ global experience and expertise in Systems Integration services uses a pragmatic approach to build IT infrastructure that ensures technology is aligned with your business objectives no matter the size and nature of your organization, through every stage of any transformation initiative. We understand the need for streamlined connectivity between your applications and services to drive organizational efficiency and address critical business needs.

Our complete suite of integration services include:

Application integration, testing, and validation
System and platform integration
Consulting and project management of IT services
Manage Datacenter related activities
Enterprise management and quality assurance
Network, platform, and security infrastructure integration


Superior Technology Solutions, Products and Business Consulting for a range of industries

The nature of business is changing and JAAZ is dedicated to delivering technologies that empower you to stay agile and responsive. JAAZ provides a solid foundation of constantly evolving business technology services and solutions. We partner with our customers to consult, design, build, operate, manage and support business solutions. At JAAZ, we continuously improve and transform our customer’s applications to ensure they are optimized for today and adaptable for the business needs of tomorrow.

Client Challenges

Aligning IT with strategic business goals despite decreasing TCO
The evolving business challenge of IT risk management
Progressing consumer needs and constantly changing competitive market dynamics
Redundancies in application portfolio across business functions and technologies
Integrating multiple IT systems that cater to different functions, departments and stages in product lifecycles
Business Process Modernization
Change Management
Enterprise Performance Management
IT Governance
IT Strategy


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