• Structured Cabling Solutions

  • High availability, high integrity and secure IT systems need a strong and future-proof structured cabling. Cabling systems aren't just for IT systems or datacenters. It provides a standard way to manage your connectivity in your building for several applications.

  • Your cabling system isn't just for today's requirements, but must be capable of accommodating tomorrow's new technologies. The cabling system must be future proof, upgradable and flexible.

We design, implement and manage…

  • Structured cabling solutions

  • FTTH Solutions

  • Physical security solutions

  • Smart Rack Solutions

  • Audio Video Solutions

Our structured cabling plans are designed to help buildings achieve complete communications potential. Our designs result in an intelligent and easy to manage network infrastructure. You can add, move or remove elements with a minimal downtime.

With structured cabling systems designed and implemented by Frontier, you get a network infrastructure that allows you to run todays applications at optimum performance levels. By virtue of its design, you can also accommodate newer elements and newer technologies into your network with minimal effort.

JAAZ has been designing and implementing structured cabling systems and other network infrastructure elements for the enterprise since 2009. Our teams have experience and expertise in all elements of design and implementation. The projects are managed through our Project Management office, and we have well defined service management processes to ensure smooth and timely delivery.

      • Routing & Switching

  • The network is the hub of your organization's IT. It moves data within the local network and routes data in and out from external networks. A fast and secure network is essential to organizational productivity. At the heart of your network is Routing with Switching connecting the arterial pathways of your network.

  • With an array of options for networking, and a multitude of providers and product options for switching and routing, choosing the right architecture and products for your network can be a challenge.

  • JAAZ has over a decade of experience in networking and has delivered hundreds of projects. Our engineers have industry certifications such as CCNP and CCIE. They will install and configure your products as per best practices to ensure high performance. We can also conduct security audits on your switching and routing to ensure there are no security vulnerabilities, and any vulnerabilities found can be remediated.

      • Next Generation Firewalls

Next-generation firewalls offer deeper control of individual applications along with better inspection capabilities. Security administrators can create very granular levels of rules for allowing or denying rules for control of websites and applications. They integrate enterprise firewall capabilities with intrusion prevention and application control.

      • Wi-Fi Networks

We use the best practices developed by various providers in our design and deployment. We follow a process that generally covers these areas.

We assess your requirements in terms of number of devices, bandwidth required today and forecasted into the next five years, the types of services expected to be running over Wi-Fi and frequencies. This information is gathered into an Assessment document. Based on the requirements, we assess density and arrive at cell sizing, antennas, coverage etc. Finally we Implement, Secure and Optimize: Our engineers install, test, secure and tune it for optimum performance.

      • WAN Optimization

With dynamically changing IT environment, it is very difficult & challenging to achieve network performance. Network performance directly affects the application performance, which in turn affects the organization performance. Thus, network must be able to deliver optimal performance to support the business agility.

WAN Optimization works on the principle of priority. It prioritizes the traffic with guaranteed amount of available bandwidth for the most critical application. Its optimization maximizes the efficiency of data flow across a wide area network (WAN) through following techniques:

  • Traffic shaping prioritize the traffic and allocate the bandwidth accordingly

  • Deduplication is the elimination of redundant data

  • Data compression contracts the size of data to limit bandwidth usage

  • Data caching host the repeatedly used data locally or on a local server for faster access

  • Streamlining data protocols bundles multiple requests into one

  • Manage bandwidth puts limits on how much bandwidth certain kinds of resource-hogging applications can monopolize

JAAZ can help you to maximize your IT infrastructure performance by solving the WAN inherent issues of latency and cost through:

  • Quicker file accessibility : Data caching enable the quicker file access

  • Accelerated network-based communications: High network speed bridges the distance gap

  • Improved performance: Delight end user with its great end user performance due to high availability of the application

  • Reliable and faster data recovery :Increase network response time capabilities results in reliable and faster data recovery

  • Cost saving: Bandwidth management reduces the bandwidth expenses.

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