• Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Hyper Converged Infrastructure also called HCI reduces the complexity of managing multiple storage and computing devices from different vendors.

HCI is a software centric architecture that integrates compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources in a commodity hardware box that is supported by a single vendor and managed through a single easy to use but scalable software application. As a result organizations can easily manage complex infrastructure. HCI is emerging as a technology that can be deployed in organizations of all sizes.

      • Enterprise Storage

Ensuring adequate storage is a perpetual challenge for all IT managers. Your network and compute elements can last for several years, but not storage capacity. The amount of data being generated by business is increasing exponentially resulting in more storage capacity having to be added very frequently.

We can help: Storage assessment, architecture, deployment and management

A good strategy to develop storage roadmaps that stay relevant would be to understand data from the stage of creation, to utilization, to management and meeting compliance requirements. Our assessments will factor in: current technologies, upgrades, archival and storage requirements, compliance requirements, and application relevant requirements. We will also be looking at bandwidth consumption, access points and their security.

Based on the results thrown up by the assessment, we architect your storage (taking into account storage that you already possess, your current requirements and future projections), and develop an implementation plan.

We will categorize your data based on importance and risk assessments. The categorizations will in turn be used to develop appropriate security measures for each category Backup and DR plans will be developed for all your data, again based on data categorization. Keep your data stays protected and compliant with all the required security standards and applicable laws.

      • Datacenter Solutions

      • Backup Solutions

      • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Solutions

JAAZ offers Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services On-premise, Hybrid and Public Cloud Expertise across a wide range of IT infrastructure deployments

Assess, identify and mitigate risks with our Business Continuity and Disaster Consulting and Technology and consulting services cutting across your data center, private and hybrid clouds.

Organizations continuously need to protect business-critical data and applications against a wide range of threats. They need to accomplish this through a combination of High availability, data protection and disaster recovery solutions.

No matter however complex or varied your IT infrastructure is, or how critical your RTO and RPO values are, we have the expertise and experience to meet your stringent requirements.

HIGH AVAILABILITY: Depending on your current IT infrastructure and risk assessment, we will architect high availability solutions that meet your availability criteria and optimized for performance and cost.

DATA PROTECTION: We help you set up backup and recovery solutions that meet your Recovery time and Recovery point objectives. The solutions could be on-premise data centers elsewhere or on the Cloud, or a hybrid solution. Our security teams can also help you protect your data from a wide range of threats that do not come under the normal scope of standard business continuity solutions.

DISASTER RECOVERY: Our disaster recovery solutions are designed to be robust and reliable. They can span on-premise alternate data center locations and the Cloud (Public, Private and Hybrid). We also offer you Disaster Recovery as a Service, wherein you can just pay a monthly subscription, while we design, implement and manage your entire Disaster Recover solution.

One size does not fit all. One solution does not work for all. Solutions developed to your unique needs.

Our BCP and DR solutions and services are designed and implemented for your unique requirements. We do not offer the same cookie-cutter solution for ever scenario, and our solutions are as varied as the IT infrastructure environments of our customers.

Our Business Continuity and DR solutions extend to the Cloud as well. We have in-depth architecting and management skills on AWS and Azure in the public cloud space, and a wide range of technologies such as Open-stack in the Private and Hybrid cloud space.

Whether you need a comprehensive Business Continuity and DR solution, A Business Impact analysis, A DR on the Cloud or enterprise storage and backup – our Storage, BCP and DR consultants and Solution Architects can help you. Call us for a discussion.

      • IPTV

      • PABX

      • CCTV

      • Digital Signage

      • Queue Management

      • Smart Room Management Solution

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